GM Publisher Percy Ihara and Moani Nabarro, KITV’s “Aging Well Newscaster.”

Generations Magazine has partnered with local news station KITV and its “Aging Well” weekend segments. As a resource magazine, Generations is happy and very fortunate to have local TV station KITV Channel 4 to step up to the plate and support our aging population— one of the fastest-growing segments of our community. During each weekend morning news segment, Newscaster Moani Nabarro will interview professionals, agencies and services in our community that provide a valuable resources in support our aging population.

Having choices for our parents’ future care will be determined by the decisions and plans we make with them now. Planning ahead and having a strong support system in place will often make the difference between allowing a loved one to remain at home or needing to be relocated to a nursing facility.

When assuming the responsibility of being a family caregiver, it is important to enlist the help of outside professionals:

  • A financial planner or reverse mortgage specialist may find funds to pay for professional inhome care services.
  • An attorney specializing in elders can help stave off future legal issues.
  • A home care professional can be a guide through the maze of long-term issues.
  • A daycare agency can provide services that will allow the primary caregiver to take a muchneeded break.

Family caregivers need the support of family, friends and professionals. At some point in time, we will all find ourselves in the position of being a family caregiver for a loved one. Taking the necessary steps now will determine the ability to choose the quality of life for both you and your loved one in the future.

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