An innovative concept in dentistry has emerged in Kaimuki. This dental office focuses on patient comfort, relaxation, reduction of dental fear, and is paired with coordinated specialty treatment.

This practice is breaking the mold of the traditional dental office our parents grew up with. The office has both specialists and general dentists together in the same office. This facilitates the ideal communication and coordination of treatment between practitioners. The specialties currently offered are endodontics (root canals) and orthodontics (braces), along with general dentistry.

I created this office with the patient’s perspective in mind. Having a great fear of the dentist as a child, I decided that as a dentist I would find a way for patients to be more comfortable during treatment. In 2001 I created the Dental Day Spa of Hawaii. The Dental Day Spa of Hawaii’s second phase is The Specialty Group. This expands the pampered patient philosophy to a comprehensive dental approach.

Surprisingly, many patients are still fearful of the dentist, and go out of their way to avoid dental treatment. Patient relaxation is emphasized through many amenities, such as soothing massage during dental procedures by a licensed massage therapist. Aroma therapy is also used to calm fear and anxiety.

Patients can also watch movies at the dentist office. Imagine being able to enjoy your dental procedure with a movie and a massage. For more information on The Specialty Group office, visit


Wynn H. Okuda, DMD, Inc.
Cosmetic, Implant and Restorative Dentistry
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