Networking: Living Your Best Life!

Do you recall in your younger days having lots of friends? Did you have so many that your social calendar always seemed full?

As we age, our social network changes. Our friends may move away, enter careers that take us in different directions, or get busy with family activities. While our social network may look different now, it is still important to maintain a group of family and friends. Studies have shown a direct correlation between life satisfaction and the presence of social networks with older adults 50 and over.

Many factors will influence who will be in your social network. Perhaps it is your family who you live with, a church group or even former high school classmates who you feel most comfortable socializing with. Sometimes transportation or mobility issues may lead you to limit your social network to your neighborhood or those who are in the vicinity. A social network becomes a resource and sounding board to discuss topics that make our lives better. Socialization has been proven to decrease feelings of loneliness or isolation.

So whether you meet others to walk the mall or catch up over coffee every Wednesday at a nearby café or you join a formal networking group, don’t ignore the importance of interacting with others. It may be just what you need or you may be exactly what someone else really needs.

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