If your answer is “yes” to either question, then here are three immediate actions that will improve the return on your most important investment — YOU!

  1. Embrace the demands of change

One in 4 of us are over 60 and life expectancy is increasing faster in Hawai‘i than in any other state. And if you live to age 65, add 22–25 years — a long time to sit on a white, sandy beach even if you can afford it and the knees still bend!

Go beyond the past, familiar world of “jobs” and rekindle your excitement by looking at new ways to work; ways packed with opportunities for older workers.

  1. Continue to learn

Combine your anticipated longer lifetime with meeting the fast-evolving new technical demands of work and you will soon see that, from start to finish, a lifetime of learning is a requirement for all generations to embrace.

It’s easy to learn and there are countless, affordable and local opportunities available. Want to know where? Google it! Don’t know how? Ask your teenage child or grandchild for help! Further-
more, most keiki can teach you the first steps to embracing everyday skills.

  1. Know where opportunity favors older workers

The largest percentage of workers over age 55 are earning in new ways beyond the “old” world of jobs. Here are a few of the most obvious ways:

Job sharing: Job sharing, or work sharing, is an arrangement where two people are retained on a part-time or reduced-time basis to perform a job normally fulfilled by one person working full time.

Remote work: When you work from home; you can work for someone here, there or anywhere.

Portfolio work: Balancing a portfolio of talents means using a number of efforts on behalf of many outcomes.

Phasing: Rather than abruptly leaving a full-time position at the end of a lengthy career, why not phase out by reducing your work week and commitment over time?

Freelancing: Freelancing generally means that you will work when an organization needs you.

As to “how” to adjust to your longer working future… ah… that’s a subject for another time. For now, begin your journey by seeking inspiration from a choice that appeals to you.

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