Hearing loss is one of the most common health issues for seniors. The good news is that modern hearing aids are very effective in correcting hearing loss. Be aware that not all hearing aids are the same and not all providers are equal. Here are some tips that will ensure that you or a loved one get the best results when buying a hearing aid.

Shop around: Don’t pay too much. By making a few phone calls, you will be surprised at the range of prices for the same make and model. Don’t rush: If you are told that a special price is only good if you buy “right now,” just walk away.

Ask for a home trial: Make sure your provider offers a home trial period so you can see how the hearing aid performs where you live and work.

Check out the provider’s service plan: Your hearing aid can give you years of quality hearing ability if you have reliable service plan.

Feel good: Your audiologist and hearing aid specialist are important persons in your care team. Choose professionals who you feel comfortable with and who treat you well.

Be sure to ask for a written, low-price guarantee on all major makes and models, and a risk-free home trial so you can be absolutely sure and satisfied with your purchase.

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