agingAches and pains, having to avoid certain things, imbalance — people often have the misconception that these problems are a natural part of aging. There are physiological changes that naturally occur with aging, but these should only be contributing factors rather than the determining factor. The key factor is that the human body is highly adaptable. The unfortunate aspect is that this applies to both the bad as well as the good.

If the body is not challenged to move the correct way, it will naturally develop bad habits that ingrain deeper as time passes. The body’s high adaptability becomes a detriment in that it masks the problem until it grows big enough to cause pain. Higher levels of pain cause greater compensations, which in turn, cause greater deviation from normal, healthy movement.

Like any bad habit, it can take a lot of mental effort to correct. Fortunately, in most cases, the amount of physical effort is minimal in comparison to the mental effort. So, by reversing the unconscious bodily bad habits into normal movement, pain, lack of mobility, instability, etc., should all be resolved.

Muscles provide roughly 80 percent of the body’s stability and even 90-plus-year-old muscles retain high adaptability. Benefits can be achieved through therapy aimed at restoring normal protection and movement of muscles.


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