In the world of natural medicine, nothing is so commonly misunderstood as homeopathy. Even among well-educated consumers who can name the best supplements for every condition under the sun, mystery prevails…

Homeopathy is vastly different than allopathic medicine. Food, herbs, supplements and most allopathic medicines work on the biochemical level: Chemical constituents are digested and utilized.

homeopathyHomeopathy works on the bioenergetic level. Working through the body’s energy system and bearing some similarities to acupuncture, homeopathic medicine may deliver messages almost instantly through the body’s nerve pathways. Homeopathic medicines relieve everything from allergies to arthritis pain to flu symptoms.

Developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann more than 200 years ago, “homeopathy” means “similar suffering.” By using trace amounts of natural substances, which at high doses caused symptoms similar to those he was aiming to treat, Hahnemann created nontoxic treatments that safely awakened the body’s healing response.

One of the greatest appeals of homeopathy is its universal safety.

Regardless of age, health conditions or the use of other medications, homeopathy is nontoxic.

Today, hundreds of scientific studies have demonstrated homeopathy’s efficacy, and it’s now covered by many national healthcare plans.


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