Author: Dr. Kai Morigawara

  • Exercise: A Panacea for Heart Disease

    Exercise is the closest thing to a complete remedy — a panacea — for heart disease. The heart fuels the entire body. If the heart gets too weak, it cannot sufficiently provide nutrients to organs and the body slowly deteriorates. Unfortunately, this is quite common for people in hospice care. Thankfully, prevention is readily available.

  • Exercise – a Panacea. Part 1: Arthritis

    A healthy joint is like two smooth pieces of paper sliding against each other. Arthritis, joint damage, is like adding crinkles to the papers, with the friction causing pain and problems. However, in severe cases, and even with bone-on-bone degeneration, having no pain with “activities of daily living” is easily obtainable with a lot of…

  • Skip Costly Equipment: Use the Mighty Can

    Not everyone has spare cash to spend on expensive physical therapy equipment to use at home, so why not learn how to utilize household items to get the same results?

  • ‘It’s a Natural Part of Aging…’ Not So Fast!

    Aches and pains, having to avoid certain things, imbalance — people often have the misconception that these problems are a natural part of aging. There are physiological changes that naturally occur with aging, but these should only be contributing factors rather than the determining factor. The key factor is that the human body is highly…