Some of the most helpful nonprofits for seniors are small operations that cannot afford to advertise. We will be helping them by getting their message to you. Read below to learn how the volunteers and coordinators in these noteworthy organizations may help you and your family.


nonprofit-patient-navigationThe nonprofit Pacific Cancer Foundation offers programs and support groups in Maui County. Its Patient Navigation Program plays an important role in connecting patients to their healthcare providers, including transportation, coordinating services and meeting their non-clinical needs.

“When someone is first diagnosed with cancer, they go to the navigator,” said Nancy La Joy, PCF’s executive director. “The navigator helps him or her with anything needed along the journey.”

Shari Osajima, a highly trained certified patient navigator, helps patients and their loved ones find resources and services.

“What I enjoy most is meeting the patients and their family,” said Shari, “initially getting to know them and working with them to address some of their issues. Part of my job is to teach them and guide them to be advocates for themselves.”

One of the greatest challenges for patients in Maui County is interisland transportation. PCF flies medical professionals and staff to Maui from O‘ahu. Local community agencies provide transportation to and from appointments on-island.

Call PCF to learn more about the about the foundations and its Patient Navigation Program.

At Maui Memorial Medical Center, the PCF Navigation Office is located near the Radiation Oncology Department.


95 Mahalani St., Ste. 8, Wailuku, Maui HI 96793


untitledNa Wahine Ho‘omana, a women’s resource center on Maui, offers education on health and wellness, support groups and guidance.

Na Wahine Ho‘omana offers a holistic and nutrition workshop, self-defense and self-empowerment programs, and more to women of all ages.

A weekly Women Will Support Group is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 5:50 to 6:30 pm in Ki¯hei, where woman share experiences and help each other stand up for themselves. The turnout for the support groups is usually small (one to eight attendees) with a total of 32 women registered. Their ages range from 28 to 70.

“It’s hard to say why that elderly women attend the group,” said Na Wahine Ho‘omana President Donna Stockwell. “It may be due to declining health, an increased feeling of vulnerability or a loss of power that some experience as they age.

“It’s natural stuff; it’s the aging process,” Donna said about women’s concerns.

Na Wahine Ho‘omana was formed in 2014 by women wanting to make a difference in the lives of South Maui women and their families.

The nonprofit, 100 percent volunteer-based organization would like to find a permanent home “where it is open and where people can just come by to be safe,” said Donna. “We are striving to be that all-inclusive clearing house of resources that’s connected and bridged with different agencies.”


Trinity by-the-Sea, 100 Kulanihakoi St., Ki¯hei, Maui
Donna Stockwell, President
808-280-3118 |