How do the state and counties work together for seniors? We asked all four county executives on aging who administer and deliver services to the elderly to tell us about their favorite senior programs. There are so many departments, programs and organizations for seniors, that Wilson Angel, our art director, decided to list them for you and on the bottom of each page — like a program at a UH football game.

One thing is certain: seniors and persons with disabilities are not forgotten in Hawai‘i. You will be impressed at how much our state and counties do to support and bring services to seniors. Volunteers and non-profits come together with government and make it happen. When you visit a county agency or they come to your home, please extend your aloha for all they do. I suspect they get many requests and some complaints, but not very many thank-you’s.

Look at these two senior programs with upcoming application deadlines: Hawaii Food Bank Foodbox Program (p.46 of magazine or click here to read online) and the State Tax Relief Office Property Tax Credit for seniors (p. 37 of magazine or click here to read online).

Next, meet Barbara Service in our Volunteer Highlight (p.17of magazine or click here to read online). Barbara has found success and fulfillment, working on community initiatives at Keiki Caucus and Kupuna Caucus.

Last October, we reported on Alan Parker and his retirement as Director of Hawai‘i County Office on Aging. Alan comes back to Generations Magazine as an author with retirement lessons he learned over these past six months (p.56 of magazine or click here to read online).

On page 53 of magazine or click here to read online, learn what and Dr. Bowman are doing to diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s and dementia at their treatment center and clinical research institute.

It looks like we are in for extended “Dog Days of Summer” in this El Niño year. Get out of the heat at Generations Magazine and KHON2 Elderhood Project’s “9th Annual Aging In Place Workshop.” We also look forward to seeing you and your family at the Hawai‘i

Seniors’ Fair in September:
9th Annual Aging In Place Workshop
Saturday, Aug. 15
Ala Moana Hotel Conference Center
Hawai‘i Seniors’ Fair
Friday – Sunday, Sept. 25 – 27
Neal Blaisdell Center



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Correction June/July issue, “Keiko Matsui Higa Recalls Being Local,” pg. 31: To order copies of “Being Local in Hawaii” by Julia Keiko Higa, or book a lecture, call: 808-852-1892.