Making Wise Choices for Our Kūpuna

We all need help at some point in our lives — and this is true especially for our aging loved ones. However, it can be overwhelming to choose among the variety of help that our kūpuna can utilize as they progress into aging.

Here are two tips to help guide us in choosing the best option for our loved ones.

1. Assess Loved Ones’ Needs

We should critically evaluate the needs of our loved ones. Whether the best option is to put them in a care home or have caregivers come to them, we have to objectively see to it that their needs are met.

You can list all the activities that they might need help with, as well as the time of day that they usually perform them. This will allow you to see what could be delegated and what could still be done by members of your ‘ohana.

2. Put Your Feet in Their Shoes

Many families bring their loved ones into assisted facilities and care homes for their own piece of mind. Some prefer the flexibility of living with them while outsourcing caregiving services to agencies. Whichever you chose, make sure their comfort, happiness and satisfaction are the priority.

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