The many benefits offered by aging at home cannot be overlooked when deciding whether to consider at-home care for kūpuna. Here are some of the most valuable:

Familiarity & Comfort

Living at home keeps kūpuna in an environment that is familiar and comforting. Remaining at home helps decrease confusion and distress that some people tend to experience as they age. Staying at home enables kūpuna to continue their daily routine, see neighbors and be surrounded by their personal items, along with the memories associated with them.


A loss of independence can have serious emotional effects on kūpuna and can be difficult to accept. Most kūpuna will eventually need assistance with everyday tasks; however, staying at home helps maintain a sense of independence and provides them the freedom to maintain normal activities and routine.


Kūpuna who age at home are less susceptible to colds and viruses, as contact with others can be limited to a small care team.

Overall, the mental and physical health benefits of aging at home can improve quality of life for our kūpuna.

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