I had the privilege of conversing with the Honorable George Ariyoshi, the longest serving governor of Hawai‘i and a World War II veteran. He told me a moving story about his experience as an American soldier in postwar Japan. He saw a young boy who was working very hard shining shoes. The boy’s dedication prompted Ariyoshi to ask him why he worked so hard. The boy responded that the country and his family were hurting, so he felt that his duty was to do his part to help make things better. Ariyoshi marveled at the boy’s mature attitude, and he realized that Japan would recover quickly if even the children had such a dedication to family and country.

I’m sure that many veterans have moving and life-enhancing stories to tell. We must keep our veterans alive and well so we can benefit from the wisdom they gained from their incredible experiences. But many die unnecessarily and too early due to lack of knowledge about how to stay healthy. Here are a couple of the tips I include in my health programs to keep participants as healthy as possible for as long as possible. In Chapter 4 of my book, The Peace Diet, I outline several anti-aging steps we can do right now.

OctNov2016 - longevity_image1Avoid Tobacco

First, it is important to control our exposure to toxins and pollution by avoiding tobacco and thousands of other potentially toxic everyday substances. It is also important to eat clean, pesticide-free natural foods. Cancer rates have risen dramatically over the years: one in two-and-a-half people will get cancer in the U.S.—up from one in 21 in the 1970s.

OctNov2016 - longevity_image2Control Blood Sugar

Second, controlling blood sugar is crucial in preventing memory loss and dementia. High blood sugar eventually closes off tiny blood vessels, including those in the brain. Constriction results in a gradual reduction in blood supply to brain cells. Strategies for controlling sugar include eating more complex carbohydrates and natural foods.

OctNov2016 - longevity_image3Reducing toxin exposure, eating clean and controlling blood sugar will enhance your body’s health, and reduce your body’s inflammation. By adopting healthy habits and implementing all eight health enhancements described in our longevity program, our veterans and all of us can live much longer, and preserve and share the wisdom of our years for the next generations.


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