Can you imagine, a century ago men were still relying on buttons and women on painful corsets. Vacuum cleaners and washing machines had just become commercially available, though too expensive for many families. That’s Winifred Mann’s era, born 1910.

Winnie turned 104 on May 1 and her friends at Arcadia made sure she got a Big Birthday Bash with wine, cheese and crackers.

Winnie has seen many changes in her 104 years; a Midwesterner from Nebraska, she lived through WWI, WWII, and The Great Depression of the 30’s, even the days of the 1960’s Hippie Counter Culture Movement, what a change!

Generations Magazine- Living Life At Its Fullest!- Image 01She and her late husband, Ralph came to Hawai’i from San Diego, California in 1962 when he was assigned to a US Department of Defense position. After her late husband’s death in 1999, she followed her longtime interests in oil painting, sewing, reading, and cartooning. Later, as a painter, she sought out people engaged in activities and based her paintings on photos with subjects ranging from people enjoying favorite pastimes at the beach or taking walks in Arcadia’s gardens where she resides to tourist attractions and peaceful landscapes.

Winnie still manages to keep active as she enjoys life here in Hawai‘i. “Happy 104th Birthday, Winifred Mann!” and Generations Magazine wishes you many more to come!


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