Aging is part of life and as time goes on, we all have to deal with its effects. But we don’t have to start falling apart as time goes on if we realize some simple concepts. The most fundamental concept is that all of life is energy. Every cell in your body is like a microscopic mini-battery. When we are young, the battery is fully charged and we are full of life and energy. As we get older, our batteries run down and we feel tired, move more slowly, injuries don’t heal quickly, and gradually aches, pains and illnesses become more common.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some of the things to consider. First, it is important to realize that diet will affect our health profoundly. Of course it is important not to consume too much animal fat because of cholesterol and too much processed carbohydrates like sugar and white flour because you want to prevent diabetes. But did you know that this can affect your energy and how you feel?

Eating too much animal protein can cause you to feel tired and sap you of energy. This happens because the high concentration of protein in meat, chicken, fish, etc. causes acidification of the blood. When this happens, your body’s voltage decreases and you feel tired and want to go to sleep. Just think of what happens to a lion after it consumes its kill. Sugar and processed flour also acidifies the blood because it ferments and has no other natural nutrients to neutralize the acid.

Conversely, eating more vegetables can help to alkalize your blood and increase your energy. Plant-based foods are full of alkaloids and other nutrients that protect your cells and boost your energy. Did you know that we are blood-related to plants? Most people don’t realize that the hemoglobin molecule in our blood cells is identical to that of chlorophyll in plants. I don’t mean similar — I mean identical. The only difference is that chlorophyll chelates magnesium at its core and hemoglobin chelates iron at is core. Chlorophyll helps to capture energy and hemoglobin helps to deliver oxygen and allow cells to produce energy. This is why I emphasize that it is important to eat greens and chew it well to get chlorophyll and thousands of other helpful nutrients into your system.

Other ways to keeping your energy up includes breathing properly and exercising. Breathing deeply helps to oxygenate your tissues and alkalize your blood. It is important to avoid smoke, pesticides, herbicides, and other environmental toxins that can sap your energy. Exercise — regular exercise — can boost your metabolism.

We are also looking into the effects of scalar energy which is a new technology that seems to help people feel more energy just by sitting in an energy chamber. For more information, listen on Sundays at 8 pm on KWAI 1080AM for “Healing and You” or call 808-628-8784 for information about two new books about this and a FREE seminar about scalar energy.