Elderly man with hearing aid in the ear and surgical mask, close-upHearing aid wearers know the difficulty of getting the elastic bands of their protective face mask tangled up with their hearing aid. Hearing aids can fly out when removing a mask. I have seen many patients with lost and damaged hearing aids due to this problem.

Here are seven tips that will help protect your hearing aids and stop you from losing them.

1. Put your hearing aids in first, then the mask.

2. Practice in the mirror. Work on refining your technique until you can remove your mask and keep your hearing aids in place.

A man standing back to camera tying a medical gauze mask on dark.Virus preventive methods. plastic that holds a facial mask on the back of the head

3. Long hair adds to the problem. Pull long hair back in an elastic hair tie or bun.

4. Don’t secure your mask to your ears. Instead, use button extensions to secure your mask at the back of your head.

5. Use four-string masks. They also tie behind the head rather than on the ears.

6. Check your hearing aid during and following the removal of your mask.

7. Remove your mask in a clear area so if the hearing aid comes out, you can find it easily.

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