by Generations Magazine Staff

Hospice Hawaii Lāna’i is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Hope House, a home-away-from-home for many patients and their families.
“We’re so excited to celebrate this milestone with our friends at Hospice Hawaii Lānai,” said Kenneth L. Zeri, president and CPO of Hospice Hawaii. “Since opening its doors in April 2016, Hope House has served as a care center for patients and their families, and we look forward to supporting our patients on Lāna’i for many years to come.”

The Hope House offers a peaceful and supportive environment for Hospice Hawaii patients and their loved ones. The renovated two-bedroom home features a charming design while maintaining its plantation-style look for a home-like feel. The space also boasts a handicap-accessible floor plan as well as administrative offices for the Hospice Hawaii Lāna’i staff.

Patients who experience symptoms that are difficult to manage at home are encouraged to visit the Hope House and receive one-on-one care by certified professionals. The Hope House also serves as a respite for caregivers, ensuring that both families as well as patients are supported.
Hospice Hawaii first fulfilled the critical need for hospice care on Lāna’i, serving its first patient in 2014. Since then, Hospice Hawaii has cared for 20 patients on the island.

Hospice Hawaii was established in 1979 to help patients live as fully as possible, to provide com-fort and relief from pain, and to aid in symptom management. An interdisciplinary team of professionals and trained volunteers strive to meet the physical, emotional, psycho social, and spiritual needs of patients and families in the comfort of their own homes, its Kailua Home, nursing homes and other facilities.

Hospice Hawaii Lāna’i

624 Ilima St., Lāna’i City