As I was thinking about how many seniors don’t use email or the web, it occurred to me that perhaps they don’t have children or grandchildren who “insist” on training them. So I checked out a couple of places that specialize in teaching seniors computer skills.

Four Generations Big

Bilingual System Links, LLC

One is Bilingual System Links LLC, which has classes personalized for seniors 60 and over in both English and Japanese. Students may bring their personal laptop, iPhone, tablet or smartphone. The instructors are very patient, speak clearly and allow students to work at their own pace. Beginners may choose to learn the basics of keyboard typing, Microsoft Word formatting, and how to save and file documents for easy retrieval. They also offer instruction on safe use of Internet/email and computer basics for Mac or PC. Intermediate level students can learn Excel, Powerpoint, Facebook, YouTube and Skype, etc. Classes are small and students learn theories and practice hands-on. Call 808-952-0712 or visit

The Emeritus College at     HCC

The Emeritus College at Honolulu Community College offers adults 55-plus a wide range of computer-related courses throughout the year taught by volunteer instructors. Tuition fees are used to cover the costs of the facilities, equipment and maintenance services for the program. Class offerings include the “basics”— Internet, email, Excel, Word, Windows, iPad and other fun workshops. Senior instructors know how to work with their senior students and enjoy the interactions. Joining the Emeritus Senior Club offers member discounts for classes and includes the Open Computer Laboratory. For a course schedule and full details, call 808-845-9296. General information is available online at

If you’re on the Neighbor Islands, check with your local senior center for classes — you might just find more things to be interested in.

Whichever classes you decide to take, you will be pleased with the knowledge and care of all instructors. Don’t be afraid of the computer, because it will probably bring you closer to your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Be fearless as you join them in the “computer age!”

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