In the heat of the moment, worn-out family caregivers’ words can offend, bully or sting: “How come I am the only one at Mom’s when she trips and falls between one and five a.m.? “Why do you get to live rent-free at Mom’s home? “Dad just spits out your tough stew meat!”

Opinions and loose talk can trigger knee-jerk reactions that somersault into arguments and collapsed relationships. Wounded siblings can feel disrespected, isolated and unappreciated. If not mended quickly, misunderstandings can freeze friendships for days, months or a lifetime.

How do you avoid the casualties of friendly fire? How do you begin to heal wounds and disarm a family cold war?

Good News! It is possible to return to peace with a proven easy system of intentional coaching. Peacekeeping examines all points of views and then invites tougher but less threatening questions: “I notice something feels uncomfortable. Is there is something that is no longer working? What is happening that is surprising you?”

Peacekeeping skills empower forgiving families to clear the air that is choking them, erase blame and fumigate creepy bugaboos that often kill dialogue. Successful families victoriously draw mutual agreements that increase uplifting conversation and expand breathing room. Your loved ones’ only wish is to be at peace in their final moments — not in a family feud. Seek mentoring to repair broken family relationships; you and your family can live and die without regret.


Annette Pang, Relationship Life Coach & Founder

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