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Walter Chun with Sherry at the Emeritus Senior Club annual luncheon

When I was invited to the Emeritus Senior Club’s Annual Luncheon in January as their special guest, I was the one who was honored to be there. How great is it to have a senior club that supports Emeritus College at the Honolulu Community College (HCC) where senior students are learning new skills.

Generations Magazine® featured the college in the August/September 2015 issue because of HCC’s unique program that specializes in computer workshops for senior citizens. It offers many non credit courses to help seniors entering the technological era.

Those who sat at my table for lunch said they have taken beginner, intermediate and advanced classes on various subjects like virus protection, browser security, producing video presentations and booking online travel reservations. Sitting next to me at lunch was Walter Chun, the founder of the Emeritus Senior Club (previously Senior Net). He turns 90 years old this month and has been living at Pohai Nani in Kaneohe for over a year.

Walter retired as an administrator at the Honolulu Community College and volunteered as an instructor for many years. If you are 55 or older, whether retired or not, the Emeritus College offers discounts on workshops and an Open Computer Lab every Friday, where you can practice class assignments.

Call 808-845-9296, check out their website at or email, for more information.


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