A fireproof safe may not be 100% effective, as evidenced during Maui’s wildfires last year. In parts of Lahaina, the heat was so intense that safes were found melted.

The Moloka‘i Public Health Nursing staff worked with the Kupuna Care Program and the community to create the Book of Life or Nā Palapala Ko‘iko‘i, a portable organizational binder for important documents. The binders, sheet protectors and cardholders were distributed to 200 senior families during a senior baseball tournament on Maui just before the fire. But families who weren’t prepared lost everything, including vital documents.

Families can better expedite services for their kūpuna who have all their important documents in one place. Therefore, the Moloka‘i Public Health Nursing staff  encourages the public to use the Nā Palapala Ko‘iko‘i binder, or an accordion folder or a bag to hold important documents that is kept in an easily accessible location.

It is highly recommended that everyone start a similar portable binder in which to keep important documents. Documents can include but are not limited to legal, tax, medical and insurance records. This grab-and-go binder could be invaluable in lessening the stress during an emergency that forces you to flee from your home quickly.

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