My mother and father lived to 92 and 94, respectively, and as the years passed, it was sometimes difficult to choose gifts for them, so I had to be creative. For Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, I want to share some special gift ideas for seniors like my parents.

Our smart phones are capable of storing thousands of photos, but scrolling through the memories brings us only fleeting satisfaction. How about a printed photo of the grandchildren in a special frame, on a mug, a key chain or even a blanket? Handmade cards with pictures could be placed on a table, shelf or dresser; many of mine  are in my home office and I look at them often.

I have heard that digital photo frames are also a great way to share multiple photos and videos, which can be loaded and updated remotely. This is a perfect gift for parents who are far away.

Some of the best gifts I have received are professionally bounded books of photos of our family vacations, given to me by my daughter. Everyone in our family enjoys reminiscing about the good times we had as they pore over these books filled with photos, funny captions, stories and very precious memories.

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