If your pet is healthy, is pet insurance still necessary? The American Veterinary Association suggests pet insurance to defray costs, which can be around $250 for a simple treatment to over $8,000 if the condition is more serious. The over 85 million pet households in the US spend a whopping $75 billion on pet care annually.

During the summer months, one of the biggest dangers for dogs is heat. They don’t sweat like humans and can suffer from heatstroke. Signs to look for are fatigue and loss of appetite. In addition, seeds found in grassy areas during the summer can cause skin problems, such as hives or rashes. If your pet can’t stop scratching, the area can become tender and an infection can set in, making matters worse, so it’s important to keep ticks and fleas under control, too.

A recent PetMD article notes that a new medication for canines with osteoarthritis is available. Without insurance, a course of treatment can cost around $100 monthly.

So do your homework regarding your particular furry or feathered friend. Closely review insurance coverage details for limitations and exclusions.

Always check with your veterinarian about insurance options in order to provide a financial safety net for your beloved family member.

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