Grief is a natural response to the loss of someone special. The process of grieving allows the griever to adapt to a new world of existence without the loved one.

The success rate of an estate plan reflects and reveals the need for the estate planning attorney to expand his or her skill set in benefit of each client. Rather than simply focusing on lineal legal and tax matters, the estate planning attorney can incorporate counseling skills and engage the client through a virtuous circle of communication, so that the client and his or her survivors can proceed through the natural grieving process, which begins with anticipatory grief.

If allowed to proceed through the grieving process with minimal guilt, anxiety, stress, unresolved issues with the decedent and conflict, we can help each griever experience fully their grief and allow the griever to validate and honor the life of the deceased, and affirm and strengthen relationships with survivors.

The sooner the planning begins, the more options exist to minimize the risk of conflict among family members. Maintaining open communication maintains trust, and thereby reduces resentment and conflict.

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