For someone with dementia, both too much and too little sensory stimulation may lead to agitated behaviors. To keep your loved one at a regulated state of sensory stimulation, it is important to consider what is providing sensory stimulation in each space.

To create a comforting space, try to provide natural light during the day to help regulate the circadian rhythm of your loved one. As it gets closer to bedtime, lights should be dimmed to enable easier sleep. Pleasant scents from aromatics or  essential oils can be useful to keeping your loved one calm; however, make sure th {Play}e scent isn’t overpowering, which can be irritating. Noise levels that are too loud or too quiet may cause anxiety. Ensure that all sounds are at a comfortable level and aren’t in competition. Even the purr of an air conditioner can seem deafening to someone with dementia.

Helpful sensory stimulation could include colors, smells and textures that will allow your loved one to explore and relax in their environment.

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