Should Dad Stop Driving?

Photo of senior driver having issuesDad should stop driving! His sight is not good and reflexes are slow.”

Although there are many seniors still on the road, some may have lost critical cognitive and physical functions. These limitations may result in dangerous, life-threatening situations.

A formal driving assessment or refresher course may help mitigate problems. Resources include:

• KJ & Beatrice Luke Specialty Clinic at Nuuanu Drivers Program, Honolulu, 808-566-3862,
• AARP Safe Driving Program
• AAA Driver 65 Plus: Self Rating Tool
• Drive Safely Online Course

See below or search online for additional mature driver safety programs in Hawai‘i.

Many insurance companies also offer courses, online classes, tips and even discounts for seniors who pass an approved course.

THE CAREGIVER FOUNDATION (501(c) 3 nonprofit)
926 3rd St., Pearl City, HI 96782
808-625-3782 |


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