You generally want to set the minimum password length to at least eight characters, but a minimum length of 14 characters is better. If it’s a single word, I recommend using a non-English word. Or you could use a phrase like “the cow jumped over the moon” without spaces between the words in the phrase.

  • One or more characters should be upper case.
  • One or more of the letters should be transposed as a numeral. For example, “i” or “l” can be the number 1. And “E” could be 3.
  • If permitted, include a control character such as “*” (shift-8) or “^” (shift-6).

That is the core password, which is the base from which you create the password for the account you are using it for. For example, if your core password is “theC0wjumped^0verthem00n” you can add an “F” at the beginning and a “B” at the end for your Facebook account. For your Gmail, you can add “GM” at either end.

How to remember passwords

  • Write them down in a notebook kept in a locked desk or file cabinet. Note what account it is for and the date it was created.
  • Do not keep them on your cellphone, tablet, computer or in your wallet or handbag.
  • When you’re done using the password, make sure to destroy the paper and discard it. Passwords ARE the “Keys to the Kingdom”.


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