Heads up! It’s Upgrade Time!

Most people use new or upgraded versions of cars, phones, appliances and all sorts of gadgets to manage their daily lives. Yet, they seem surprised to learn of a loved one’s, a friend’s or their own need for a medical procedure to maintain or improve functional capabilities. The need for a knee or hip replacement or cataract surgery comes as a shock or a hardship.

While individuals routinely replace cars on average every 7 years, cellphones whenever a new model is launched and appliances every 3–10 years, few expect their bodies to break down after six or seven decades of service. Without insurance coverage, a full hip or knee replacement can cost about $39,000 per knee or hip — the price of a new car! Cataract surgery can run about $7,000 for both eyes. That brand new kitchen suite with refrigerator, dishwasher and matching microwave would cost about the same.

So schedule your free annual wellness visit with your physician. The examination and preventive screenings may be able to determine if any upgrades are needed. Any time is a good time to develop a realistic understanding and approach for caring for the physical body that supports you daily. Accepting the upgrades and replacements that may be needed after decades of daily use can create a “new” you!

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