How to prepare for the worst case scenario.

A Guide to Getting Affairs in Order - Generations Magazine - October-November 2012Grief does not discriminate. No matter who you are, losing a loved one can be an overwhelming life experience. Imagine dealing with looking for important documents and organizing burial wishes while dealing with the loss. Many people don’t realize the need for getting affairs in order before they or a loved one dies. Being prepared protects families and loved ones, and alleviates stress for everyone involved.

A few years ago, Karen O’Neil, a certified wellness counselor, flew to the Mainland to her children’s aid to help cope with the passing of their father — her ex-husband. Not only did the family grieve together, but they had to work together to get all of his affairs in order. His passing was just four weeks after the terminal diagnosis of several months, and they barely got everything tended to.

Now as an author, publisher and speaker, Karen has developed the workbook, A Guide to Getting Affairs in Order. The workbook helps families have peace of mind by guiding them to communicate and to avoid an unfortunate situation during grievance. Her intent is to take the scary and uncomfortable out of the conversations people need to have so they may begin to understand the importance of organizing documents and letting their last wishes be known. There is some solace knowing someone is doing everything exactly as it was wanted.

To order a copy of the workbook, visit or contact Karen at (808) 782-3879.