Assistive Technology Resource Centers of Hawai‘i (ATRC) is a nonprofit resource center that provides information about assistive technology (AT) to persons with disabilities, as well as their family members, employers and educators. Its mission is to link people with AT and empower individuals through its use.

As Hawai‘i’s designated Assistive Technology Act agency since 1991, ATRC provides technical assistance throughout the state to ensure persons with disabilities can get what they need. ATRC services include assessment, training, program information, public awareness programs, technical assistance, rehabilitation technology services, financial loans and more. ATRC reps also speak to organizations and demonstrate technology.

ATRC is providing limited access during the pandemic. Remote assessment, training, learning groups (peer), professional learning opportunities, information and referrals are still available.

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ATRC does not sell products, but recommends vendors. Device demonstration and lending  programs give individuals and groups the opportunity to make an informed choice about an AT device prior to acquiring one.