Caregivers Can Help Seniors Downsize

Portrait of Young caregiver in uniform hugging smiling elderly man or patient in wheelchair during a home visit and spending time together. Love, Family or Assistant or elderly caregiver conceptWhen the time comes for Mom and Dad to move or downsize for safety reasons, they may find it difficult to decide what to do with what they consider to be their precious heirlooms. Designating items to friends, family or charities in a will or trust will ensure their destination, while passing on these items before the inevitable occurs can give both the giver and the receiver tangible pleasure in the here and now. Whether it is decided to gift now or designate items to friends, family or  charities later, the task can be a daunting one. Where to begin?

But the first steps to giving the control of what happens to these items can be facilitated by someone close to the loved one, like a son or a daughter who is also a caregiver. That is where their role as caregiver can expand in order to help parents decide what they want to do with their prized possessions (or clutter). The intimate relationship and conversations between a caregiving relative and a loved one can help retrieve memories that can help determine what may be most valued by who.

A caregiver can also invite family members to talk to Mom and Dad about items they would love to have someday. These conversations can move the senior to a comfortable mindset for getting rid of years of both trash and treasures, helping to spark the process of downsizing and decluttering.

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