Assisted Living in the “Urban Core”For Honolulu residents, assisted living and retirement communities used to mean moving away to a quiet suburb. They yearned for a simple life, free from home maintenance, chores, cooking and cleaning, but not seclusion — miles from their church, social clubs, stores, restaurants and civic events.

Today, assisted living facilities are being built in urban locations, and moving to a retirement community does not necessarily mean leaving friends, family and comfortable surroundings. New facilities offer “in town” living, in familiar neighborhoods, like Waikiki. Convenient and accessible high-rise communities provide support services of all kinds, including housekeeping and meal service, security and community activities. Seniors used to a vibrant lifestyle can take morning walks along the Ala Wai Canal and meet up with friends at their favorite corner café.

Assisted Living in the “Urban Core”The growing demand for assisted living options means that Honolulu companies like The Plaza Assisted Living will be “building more facilities in familiar neighborhoods,” says Colby Takeda, administrator of The Plaza at Waikiki. “Our seniors want to remain active in their community — to stay at the ‘urban core’ of the city they love.”

Urban living is not for everyone, but if your retirement dreams include Honolulu city lights, maybe now your dreams can come true.



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