This is your new year resolution: exhale. You’ve collected things through the years and you’re beginning to realize … there’s no room to breath — you see “clutter”. You know you need to declutter, but you just don’t know where to start.

You can start by exhaling.

Then begin with the least personal space, such as the least used room or closet. And ask yourself these questions. Do you really need it? When was the last time you’ve used it? When will you use it again? Is it replaceable? Does it fit comfortably in your home?

Next, use these 4 simple steps to conquering your clutter:

  1. Create a goal: set a timeline in small steps.
  2. S.O.R.T. your items in 4 piles: items to sell, offer, retain, and toss; then remove the items you’re not keeping off the property—literally.
  3. Create a floor plan to maximize the space in your home.
  4. Get organized by putting everything away in its “home” (its own place).

As you’ve asked yourself those questions while working through the 4 steps, you begin to process your emotions and feelings about those items. This will help you detach yourself from those things. As you declutter, you’ll find that once you get started and made progress, you’ll gain the confidence that you can actually finish it; and it will then become easier and faster.

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