Are you looking for ways to reduce capital gains tax on the sale of your appreciated assets, save and plan for the future or save on your income taxes? A planned gift can help you achieve your goals. It’s possible to increase your income now or in the future and save money on taxes — while you create your legacy and support charitable work in your community.

Here are a few ideas to consider for year-end planning:

  • If you own low-yielding assets and want a higher income, a charitable gift annuity or charitable remainder trust may be worth exploring. In exchange for your charitable gift of cash or appreciated securities, you reap multiple benefits, including payments for your lifetime, a current income tax deduction and bypassing all or a portion of the capital gains on appreciated assets.
  • Making a charitable gift of your old, unneeded or obsolete life insurance policy can provide you with a charitable income tax deduction now and a reduced taxable estate later.
  • If your estate plans include leaving your residence to charity, you may wish to create a charitable life estate arrangement. You can make a charitable gift of your property today and receive a current income tax deduction while maintaining your lifetime use and enjoyment of the property.

To see if these ideas may work for you, call your tax advisor.

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