It’s only natural to want to stay at home. So being informed about good caregivers and their services can enrich your home experience by making everyday tasks a little easier and safer. The services you need depends on your and health strategies and type of support, as well as your financial and insurance situation.

Ask the home care agency how they ensure safe, qualified, professional service:

Q. What types of screenings are performed before hiring a caregiver?

A. For your safety and health benefits, be sure the caregiver has been pre-screened properly and is qualified. Here is a checklist to help guide a wise decision:

□ Federal and State Criminal Background Checks

□ Drug Screening (ten panel)

□ Sex Offender Check (all 50 states)

□ Medical Disciplinary Screening

□ Employment and Education Verification

□ Professional and Personal Reference Checks

□ Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

□ Social Security Check

□ Adult / Child Protective Services Screening

□ DMV Motor Vehicle Report

Q. Are caregivers bonded and insured through the Home Care Agency?

A. The agency should provide you proof of current professional liability, general liability, workers’compensation and temporary disability insurance.

Q. Who is the caregiver employed by?

A. Caregivers should be employees of the agency and not an independent contractor. If they work more than 20 hours a week on a regular basis they are eligible for health care under the Prepaid Health Care Act.

Never compromise on quality and safety!

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