So, the editor of Generations Magazine calls me and says, “Frank, let’s do another column for the magazine. We loved having your thoughts in the magazine, so please … hana hou!” Then the editor came back and said, “But this time, Frank, write about getting older and staying fit … snicker, snicker.”

In my mind, fitness is like saving money. For example, if you had the presence of mind while you were in your “stupid” years to put money in that piggy bank, then you’ve probably been pretty good with money during your lifetime and now enjoy some level of financial security. Now, apply this concept to fitness. The more you put into your “fitness piggy bank” over the years, the more you’ll get back in return during your “enlightened” years. Ah, but there’s a caveat … I know people who live on the edge, from paycheck to paycheck, and are the happiest guys I know. And, I also know people who have a lot of money and are miserable! Because wherever you are right now, there you are! There’s no right or wrong in this matter …

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Tango And Spice — Oil on Canvas
Frank B. Shaner

This column is not meant to judge your financial or physical wellbeing. It’s only here to point out the oddities and the triumphs in life, plus the flaws inherent to the human spirit and psyche. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “You may never know what results come of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.” This quote is obviously open to interpretation, but perhaps you can use it as inspiration to do

things that will change your life — and the life of others — for the better. Give as much as you want, uplift as many as you can, and strive for the highest spiritual, emotional and physical well being possible. See how far you can go, and then see what happens …

It’s really not very complicated. This vessel (body) that was given to us is a remarkable, fine-tuned instrument. Say for example that you play a guitar, and you love that instrument because it gives you joy and freedom. It brings out emotions deep within your soul; it brings fourth creativity you didn’t realize you had. In other words, it enhances your well being. So naturally, you’d take good care of it. Shouldn’t we do the same with the beautiful bodies we travel in? Shouldn’t we keep them tuned so that they will continue to serve us as we move through this life? Of course! And it doesn’t take much. The body needs to move, stretch and be challenged. We live in an extraordinary place. The climate is perfect for outdoor activity, so let’s embrace it as much as we can. So, I say (in least judgmental way possible), get off your ass and move that mass! Put on some walking shoes and dance in the grass. Get outdoors! Your body will love you for it … it’s never too late!

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