Pickleball combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis and is played either indoors or outdoors on a 20×44-foot court. Players use a paddle, perforated ball similar to a whiffle ball, and a 3-foot-high net. Pickleball can be played as singles or doubles and it’s like playing ping pong on the ground.

Because the serve is underhand, and players cannot hit the ball within 7 feet of the net without letting it bounce first, it is less a game of power and more one of finesse and placement. Hence, younger players do not have as much advantage as they might in other sports, like tennis, where power plays a greater role.

Making friends and building community while getting healthy

Rather than playing with the same partner for multiple games, players during open-play typically change partners and opponents after every game, which creates a highly social environment where many new friendships are made. Sports with a social component may improve physical, mental and emotional well-being, and longevity more than non-social sports.

Pickleball helps to increase fitness, create inter-generational social opportunities, and build community ties. It is easy to learn; most people can gain an understanding of the basic rules and can start playing games after a single lesson.

Where can I learn and play?

The Oahu Pickleball Association hosts community events, clinics and tournaments. It’s not un-likely to find a very diverse group of approximately 20-40 people showing up to the free open-play sessions at various sites across the island. Pickleball players set up nets in public parks — usually on volleyball or basketball courts.

The Oahu Pickleball Association is a nonprofit and its passion, mission and purpose is to pro-mote, inform, instruct and organize pickleball on O‘ahu. Other pickleball groups throughout Hawai‘i are listed below. The sport is governed by the USA Pickleball Association, and you can search for the nearly 6,000 places to play in the United States on its website www.usapa.org


www.meetup.com/Oahu-Pickleball-Association/Facebook: @OahuPickleballAssociation


808-250-1766  |  www.pickleballmaui.com

808-331-2255  |  Facebook: KonaPickleballHui