Telemedicine facilitates medical professionals in providing medical care to patients outside of the traditional office setting by using modern technology.

“Telemedicine” and “telehealth” are often used interchangeably. However, telehealth specifically describes the electronic and communications technologies being used to provide services remotely. Telemedicine can be viewed as the professional medical consultations you may receive remotely or outside of the clinical office.

One of the main benefits telemedicine can provide to kūpuna is increased access to care. For many kūpuna, it can be difficult to get to the doctor’s office due to lack of transportation, physical impairments and lack of caregiver assistance. Telemedicine enables patients to stay at home and to see their physician remotely using telecommunication devices.

However, not all kūpuna have the knowledge, technological skills or equipment to use telecommunication technologies.

Solutions include getting help from family and friends who are more savvy. They’re already adept at using devices like a cellphone, and can easily help a senior. And your family member or friend can be right there to help assist if it is difficult for the senior to see or hear their doctor.

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