Renewable cleaning is a smart “Green Cleaning” program that applies to general sanitation but focuses on the use of eco-friendly practices and products to create a healthier home environment. It utilizes safe and friendly natural cleaning products that are non-toxic, biodegradable and sustainable. Water is a key source for renewable cleaning because it is a favorable nonpolluting resource that is readily available.

Stock image of a sea turtle that reflects renewable cleaningSix Quick Tips for Renewable Green Cleaning

1) Use safe, natural cleaning products made from non-toxic ingredients.
2) Don’t use room deodorizers or other air fresheners that contain unhealthy chemicals.
3) Avoid aerosol products. Spraying fills your home with microscopic droplets that remain suspended for hours and are easily inhaled.
4) Use chlorine-free dishwasher detergent. The chlorine in conventional detergents is easily vaporized by hot dishwasher water and then released into your home’s air.
5) Dust with a damp cloth so that household dust is removed from surfaces, not stirred back into the air.
6) Ask guests and family to remove their shoes when entering your home. That way they won’t track in pollutants.

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