You see the term “active aging” quite frequently, but what does it mean? Active aging is a term describing people and populations who live life as fully as possible. Particularly, they live within the seven dimensions of wellness — emotional, vocational, physical, spiritual, intellectual, social and environmental. These dimensions of wellness overlap. Active aging encourages everyone in a community to engage in active living, regardless of their age, health or socioeconomic status. The concept of active aging can be summed up in the phrase “staying engaged in life”— essentially, tapping into our human potential throughout our lifespan. Wellness is the foundation of active aging. It involves shifting the mindset that aging involves managing disease to one of disease prevention and proactive strategies.

Wellness becomes a valuable framework to serve the needs of a person engaged in life and provides rich environments for living. You’ll find many active aging programs in Hawai‘i. Activities such as tai chi are a good example of overlapping wellness dimensions, including physical, social, spiritual and intellectual aspects. A ‘ukulele class is another good example. Seek out activities that keep you engaged and to continue living your rich, full life!

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