Hydration is essential to staying fit and healthy, especially during warm summer months. As you venture outdoors to cool off, keep your flask filled with water. It’s the best beverage for your teeth and body. Water has many benefits; there’s no sugar or acids that can affect your oral and overall health.

Did you know water can help improve your smile?

• Water keeps your mouth cleaner and healthier than other drinks. Sip water between bites or after a meal to wash away sugars, acids and other bacteria that cause tooth decay or gingivitis.
• Water helps you maintain a whiter smile. Sipping water after eating pigment-rich foods can prevent the formation of stains.
• As you get older, some medical conditions and medications can cause dry mouth. Drinking water helps produce saliva to help defend your body against gum disease and tooth decay by washing away food particles and acid.

Drinking water aids your digestive system, preventing constipation and abdominal discomfort. It helps you stay alert and focused, aiding in cognitive function. The H2O molecule also supports joint health as well as the appearance of the skin. To prioritize water as your main drink of choice, carry a water bottle with you.

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