There are many common misunderstandings about water, H20, the second most important resource our bodies need to function properly. Here are some common questions and misconceptions:

Generations Magazine -Water Does Matter - Image 01Some say water is water.

Most of us think that bottled, purified water is better for us to drink because it has gone through a filtration process. We prefer it over water that comes out of the tap. There is another kind of water, so different from bottled and tap water, and the only similarity is that it looks like just regular water. It is called “ionized” water. Ionization is the process whereby water passes over electrically charged medical-grade metal plates and undergoes a transformation. Single-source or tap water molecules separate into two kinds of water, alkaline and acidic water, each with negative and positive electrical charges. The pH (acid or alkaline properties) change, and the water molecules are restructured for more efficient absorption by the body.

What makes water good to drink?

From a health and wellness standpoint, the best water to drink is water that can hydrate you on a cellular level, to neutralize free radicals and alkalize your body. Ionized water has these special capabilities.

What’s the importance of optimum water pH?

The pH or “power” of hydrogen is a measurement of the acidity or basicity of a liquid. The optimum pH of circulating human body fluids should be about 7.365, which is slightly alkaline. Most people are slightly acidic due to lifestyle conditions. A chronic acidic state results in a compromised health profile, often followed by sickness and pain.

Why is ionized water the best water to drink?

A major cause of most illnesses and a state of compromised health can be traced to a body that is hyperacidic and dehydrated. Ionized water is the best water to drink because it is the most effective and efficient liquid to alkalize and rehydrate the body.

How does ionized water work within the body?

When you consume ionized water, the negatively charged, ionized, alkaline restructured water will rapidly move through your organs into your cellular level while it is neutralizing free radicals and hydrating the body.

What are the beneficial effects of drinking ionized water?

Some people will experience increased positive energy levels, easier elimination of body wastes and reduced pain from inflammation-type ailments (arthritis, gout, acid reflux). People also report improved skin tone (”shiny” or “rosy”) and overall body toning.

Does ionized water cure illness?

Ionized water does not cure anything. However, when a state of balance is attained, the body is better able to cure itself. The medical term is “homeostasis.” Consuming ionized water is one of the most effective ways to reach this natural state of balance in the body

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