Annette Kam’s free eBook is “a complete guide to all thing no one really wants to think about (but everyone needs to know!).” The guidebook was written last year, after the author endured a heart-wrenching ordeal.

WAIT — Don’t Die Yet! is a step-by-step guide for adult children and spouses who are either  preparing for their own death or someone else’s. The guidebook covers the basics of getting affairs in order, while also teaching you about the mundane tasks necessary around the time of death.

“A comprehensive tool that empowers rather than depresses you, this helpful approach allows you to deal with the practicalities of death while offering the hands-on guidance you need to make sure you have time to grieve,” says a review.

In Part One, the three-part book reveals the author’s story as she dealt with unknowns regarding the passing of her beloved in-laws. Part Two shares lessons she learned along the way. Part Three is a comprehensive guidebook that includes not only basic requirements, but also all of the things that no one thinks about — all of the necessary tasks you need to complete before, during and after death.

“There were over 110 things I wish I had known when I experienced it all and they are all incorporated in the guidebook,” says Annette.