As seniors consider upgrading their roofs in the spring, they are reminded to select a company who will recommend the ideal roofing application to best protect their dwelling for generations to come. While they may be uncertain at first when choosing between different roofing materials available, one recommendation is PABCO Roofing Products. PABCO makes shingles suited for sloped roofs of 2/12 (roughly 9.5 degrees) or more, including the entry-level laminate Premier shingle. This particular variety is the “heaviest” in its class at 260 pounds, a weight that translates into an ideal defense against Hawai‘i’s steady trade winds.

Most PABCO shingles feature a 3M Scotchgard Algae Prevention System, which offers a 20-year warranty against algae — an unsurpassed guarantee within the market. PABCO’s Radiance shingles feature solar reflective properties and have proven popular in Hawai‘i’s tropical climate, as they keep homes cooler by reflecting heat back into the atmosphere. Radiance shingles also help homeowners save on energy costs as less power is required to cool structures over time.

Hawai‘i seniors are encouraged to learn more about the various roofing products on the market, including everything from three-tab to super heavyweight shingles available in assorted colors and corresponding applications. They will have peace of mind when choosing a roofer who does the work right, using the highest quality products and materials.


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