Cynthia, Percy and Sherry

There are many organizations that serve Hawai‘i’s seniors and their families, but maybe none like the Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society (HPGS). This nonprofit organization was founded in 1979 to improve the quality of life of Hawai‘i’s older adults by promoting the understanding of the aging process, supportive services, and legislation that helps people age with dignity and grace. Its goal is to enhance the general well-being of older individuals by fostering public understanding and continuing education in the field of gerontology.

HPGS also brings together people concerned and interested in the challenges, issues and problems of older adults as realized in a changing society. The organization advocates on behalf of older people, while stimulating interest in gerontological research and services, thereby encouraging professional preparation for gerontological research and services.

All that said, HPGS held an excellent conference in September for its members and those in the gerontological field. The biennial conference included speakers from Hawai‘i, the mainland and Japan, who discussed diverse topics — from improving the well-being of individuals to promoting private-public partnerships.

Please join us at www.hpgs.org.


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