Time to Scoot 1 - Generations Magazine - December - January 2012Thanks in part to convincing commercials on TV, many people are sold on the benefits of scooters and powerchairs before they even enter a showroom.

The problem is that they don’t know much about the products themselves or what’s involved in getting a power mobility device covered by insurance companies.

Before you get revved up to go, here’s a list of questions to answer yourself before you shop:

1. What is your height and weight? Your height and weight will determine which models will work best for you.

2. Are you going to ride the scooter only indoors, strictly outdoors, or a combination of both? What activities do you like to do on a daily basis? If you are just going to use it indoors you can get a smaller unit with smaller batteries. If you plan on going out with it for the day it would require more battery power.

3. Are you going to use the device every day? How much time will you be on the vehicle?

4. Are you going to transport the scooter or powerchair with a vehicle or take TheBus or HandiVan?

__ Will you use it in a place of employment?
__ Will you vacation with it?
__ How will you transport it? 
Time to Scoot 2 - Generations Magazine - December - January 2012
__ Do you have a lift or ramp for their vehicle?

5. Are you going to pay for the mobility device yourself or try to get it covered by insurance? If opting for insurance, bring in your photo ID, and all copies of insurance cards on your initial visit to a showroom.

Dauterman Healthcare & Mobility has many scooter and powerchair models on display for you to try. For more information, call 591-8860 or visit www.dautermanmedical.com.