Elderly females talking and looking through magazine in cafeTalk story is a special and cherished activity among seniors at Roselani Place. Our activities  director conducts a talk story twice a month and I also offer them from time to time. Talking story with our residents allows us to not only engage with them, but also encourages them to reminisce about the good old days, and learn more about one another.

Talk story — sharing history, ideas, opinions and the events of the day with others — is one of the great oral traditions in Hawai‘i. Ancient Hawaiians were known to be great storytellers. Formal storytelling would usually take place in the chief’s court, where renowned orators would perform. Talk story continues to culturally sustain us and keeps us connected with others.

Talking story in today’s world entails getting together with old friends or new acquaintances to socialize. Small talk and pleasantries naturally develop into in-depth conversations in which treasures of the past are recalled and revealed. Through talk story, we can discover and share where we grew up, where we are from, what school we attended, who we know and who we are related to. The reservoir of topics is endless.

And when I talk story with our residents, I realize just how memorable talk story can be.

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