Strengthen Foot & Ankle Foundations

When building a house, having a solid foundation is key to its stability. The feet and ankles are the foundations for your body, and are critical for stability and balance while standing and walking. Yet how often do we think of exercising these muscles to keep them strong and flexible.

The intrinsic muscles of the feet (contained within the foot) and extrinsic muscles (originating outside of the foot and attached to the foot by tendons) contribute significantly to what happens at the ankles and joints above. As ground forces hit our feet, how the feet react affects our posture — the ability to keep our center of mass solidly in line over our hips, knees and ankles — and most importantly, our balance.

To test your strength, mobility and coordination, try the following (these can be done seated):

• Keeping your foot flat on the floor, alternate lifting your toes starting with the the big toe, then the other toes.

• To strengthen your feet and ankles, put your foot on a towel. Then contract your toes and relax them.

Practicing these exercises can improve the health of your feet and ankles, and ensure that they give you the best support possible.

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