Just think of the tasks you do every day that should involve a squat: getting on/off a chair or toilet or picking up something from the floor.

A “modified squat” is one of the most beneficial exercises to learn. It strengthens the lower body and core and reduces the strain on the knees when done right.

Unfortunately, most people never learn the PROPER way to squat (a squat is NOT the same as a knee bend). To start:

  • POSITION feet hip distance apart, toes ideally pointing forward
  • SET yourself by pressing the big toe into the ground, push your knees slightly out and keep the knees in line with the ankles and the toes — try to maintain the normal curves in your neck and back and keep your shoulders in line with your hips
  • BEGIN with a “hip hinge” or bow (DO NOT start with your knees) — PUSH your butt back as if sitting on a chair — KEEP your weight and pressure on the big toes and heels
  • KNEES STAY BEHIND THE TOES squatting down —
    On the way UP, squeeze in your stomach and butt muscles and drive through the heels as you stand

Do 10–12 squats, 3–5 times a day, and soon you’ll be feeling stronger and more steady on your feet.

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