Chronological age does not always reflect the biological age of a person. One way to look and feel much younger than your driver’s license reveals is to stay mentally, socially and physically active.

Functional mobility keeps seniors strong, active and independent for as long as possible. Functional fitness is the physical capacity to perform normal everyday activities safely and independently without undue fatigue. But 43 percent of people over 65 have functional limitations due to inactivity.

The good news is that early detection of physical weakness and appropriate changes in physical activity habits can reverse the path toward disability. Immobility is preventable and reversible through proper physical activity and exercise levels.

Lack of physical activity can lead to dry, tight, hard fascia, which can cause chronic pain. Fascia is the connective tissue in our bodies. Keeping fascia in good condition requires consistent movement, which can help facilitate the healthy flow of lymphatic fluids throughout the body, keeping the body free of inflammation and pain by providing hydration of the tissues.

Self-myofascial release (MFR) using a hard cylindrical roller is one method of training the fascia. When we put pressure on our tissues, old inflammatory wastes are purged and fresh, new fluid flows in when the pressure is released. This hydrates the fascia, making it more pliable and resilient to injury.

Smooth out those hard knots, returning the fascia to its normal fluid and adaptable self with myofascial release.

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Fascianator class locations:

Wainani Wellness Center
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Wednesdays at 5pm

The Pacific Club
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Honolulu Christian Church (faith-based class)
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Mondays and Thursdays at 5:15pm